My Experience

My passion and experience stretch beyond just automotive topics, spilling into manufacturing, technology, outdoor sports, and entrepreneurship, to name just a few subjects.

Much of my work, like website copy, isn’t credited. However, I do have plenty of credited articles and blog posts on a range of sites. Here’s a sampling:

The Supra is Going to NASCAR 

Only a True Car Fanatic Knows These Motor World Records. Do You? 

Cars Are Safer, But More Pedestrians Are Dying

Audi Wants to Ditch Side Mirrors for the E-Tron

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Autonomous Car Hack Vulnerability Uncovered

The Chicken Buses of Honduras

Washington State Implements Hardcore Distracted Driving Law

Spyker V6 Venator Concept: For the Tenacious, No Road is Impassable

The Hidden Costs of Artificial Reproduction Technology

Ferrari Will Make All Maserati Engines

Weird Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Campaign Promotes Bike Safety 

Driving Around Looking for a Place to Park Costs Us Billions

BMW and Lotus: Pushing the Boundaries of Lightweighting

I also helped design a unique t-shirt for Blipshift, an automotive apparel site, which you can see for yourself by clicking here.