Automotive Writing


Since I as a small child, I’ve been fascinated with cars. Long before being able to legally drive, I spent hours working on vehicles, an activity I still enjoy today.

In college, I wrote a 60-page paper on the culture of tuning, covering old muscle cars to Japanese imports. The paper blew  my professor away, not only for the length, but also the depth and passion of my research. I introduced a world few fully understand. That paper is stored in the library’s special collections today.

My work has been featured on numerous automotive websites and blogs, including Autoblog, Insider Car News, Wheel Scene and more. I’ve worked with quite a few car dealerships, aftermarket parts manufacturers/stores and other clients in the automotive industry, helping to realize their maximum potential, no matter how aggressive their goals.


I know the cars, technology, culture and industry well, which means I can get started on projects immediately. Going with me also helps to avoid the inaccuracies your customers and others would surely notice.

With some advanced notice, I can be available for travel virtually anywhere.

To inquire about my services, send an email to

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