“I have worked closely with Steven for almost a year and would highly recommend him to prospective employers. He was diligent, reliable, self-motivated and communicated well. He put thought into his tasks rather than taking things on face value and was an asset to our team.”

Michael Soutar, project head, Motorshout

“Excellent work, once again. We’d love to work with this freelancer again.”


“Steven is great to work with, he brings personal experience and expertise to the project and delivers quality work as a result.”


“Steven has been a fantastic community manager for our site and has helped us to launch our project. Highly recommend and we will look to hire him again in the future.”

J.V. Spence, owner of Motorshout

“We enjoy working with this writer a great deal… Great, well written, error free content on time, every time.”

Vernon H.

“Steven is an excellent writer with top notch attention to detail.”

Insider Car News

“Steven produces the great, unique content we feature… He comes up with interesting approaches to the car industry drawing on his extensive experience. He produces sticky content that draws in new visitors and causes people to stay on site.”

Shannon Sofield, owner of Payloadz

“His ability to work on our strict schedule was impressive and regularly turned in great work ahead of schedule. His communication over the content was great and would let us know when we have requested duplicate content from previous months saving us time and money.

Steven is a hardworking, dedicated writer, and has my recommendation.”

Jeff Kovacich, AMSI

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