Automotive News Roundup 8/19/2022

Here are the automotive news stories you might have missed this week.

Image via Chevrolet

1. NHTSA boss steps down.

Steven Cliff, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has stepped down to take a job as executive officer at the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Confirmed by the Senate in May, Cliff’s tenure is shockingly short.

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2. Ford Lightning flunks another towing test.

You might have heard about the Ford Lightning electric truck utterly failing a tow test a few weeks ago, and it’s happened again. This time Motor Trend found the pickup can’t make it far when pulling a load.

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Automotive News Roundup 8/12/2022

It’s been another wild week in the automotive industry. Here are some stories you might not have heard about.

Image via GMC

1. GMC Canyon Gets An Upgrade

GMC’s midsize truck, the Canyon, just gained a new top-of-the-line trim called the AT4. It’s being heralded by the brand as “the most advanced off-road midsize truck” but you’ll pay dearly for it. Actually, all the 2023 GMC Canyon trucks get a healthy price bump with the base model selling for around $40,000 versus the current base model going for about $30,000. Yes, price inflation is making cars across the board more expensive.

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Ford Lightning Shows What An EV Future Might Become

Is going electric-only the solution to our transportation woes?

Image via Ford

By now you might have already seen the news that Ford is opening up the order books for the F-150 Lightning as well as increasing the price significantly. It’s an ironic move considering one of the long-time talking points for EVs is they’re more cost effective than traditional ICE vehicles. Yet this combined with the recent round of price increases for Teslas casts a shadow of doubt on such declarations.

Sure, you can get Ford Lightning Pro model starting at $46,974 – at least in theory. Automakers often use the bottom-tier, stripped-down trim on a premier model line to wow consumers with how affordable the vehicle could be, then reels them in with more features which pump up the price. Many shoppers who have blown way past the budget they set for a new car know firsthand how this works.

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