Your Car Is Spying On You

Privacy is a rapidly disappearing asset these days.

Photo via Subaru

Most people assume what they do in their own private vehicle is their business, as long as they’re not breaking any laws. That’s a natural assumption but unfortunately is also an erroneous one. While you might expect your privacy to be raided on the regular if you live somewhere like China, here in the United States what you do with your vehicle infotainment system and the footage your Tesla’s cameras record might be accessed at any time not only by the government but also powerful yet shadowy corporations.

If you own a Tesla and love the cameras on it because they can catch people keying your car or trying to break into it, those cameras could be used against you. San Francisco is moving to use private security camera footage without owners’ permission to fight crime, of course. This brings up all kinds of sticky constitutional and moral problems but isn’t shocking considering the growing authoritarian attitudes displayed throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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